Whale - Artprint

€ 9,95
  • Artprint: "Whale"
  • A4 or A3 Artprint
  • Sustainably printed on ECO paper
  • Design ©2BeSam


Spiritual background and energy of this design:

"Remember, remember the ancient wisdom that is already present in you, connect with the intuitive divine feminine energy and radiate your own golden light out of love, power and wisdom in this world."


The knot of the trinity is an ancient Celtic symbol that brings different aspects together into a creating unity. Strength, wisdom and love is an example of such a trinity, also as soul, mind and body. In Christianity it symbolizes the trinity of Father, son and Holy spirit.

In this poster the symbol in combination with the energy of the whale helps us to recall a fertile creating energy that consists the three elements; Love, strength and wisdom from which we can set our own light on earth.

The bearing, maternal energy of the whale invites you to connect with this fertile feminine energy and to remember the old knowledge within yourself.

Make a connection between your heart, your mind and your soul. Your body, your mind and your emotions. Your strength, your wisdom and your love. And then shine your light in this world