Art Journal Challenge

What is Art Journaling?

I think each art journalist will define and approach “art journaling” differently because it is such a personal and authentic way of expressing yourself. When I started art journaling, it was because I was bored with the “normal” way of journaling in the form of a diary. I wanted to look at a page and really feel how I felt that day without reading all the words. So I started to draw and paint my day and my feelings instead of writing it all down. Later on I found out that this type of journaling actually was a thing! : “Art journaling” 


Art journaling is an open-ended form of art on loose paper or in a bound journal where the focus is on the process of creating and of self-expression rather than a particular end result.


Art journaling is about the creative, healing process of pulling together color, words, pictures, images etc, on a page. It is a reflection of something you experience. I found it very healing to express my emotions in a artistic way in my journal. And the options to journal about are limitless! That makes it so much fun. You can use it to describe your day, your goals, set intentions, manifesting your dreams etc.



To introduce you to “Art journaling” I created a some sort of challenge. It is a 7 day challenge with a list of topics that you can use to light up that art journalist fire inside. I made You Tube video’s about my process to give you a spark of inspiration.

Dip your feet into the art journal experience, and see if this way of journaling is something that lights you up and you want to explore more.